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All In One Nappy Night Boosters

The Tickle Tots AIl-in-One Nappy comes with a sewn in absorbent core and an Extra Booster (which cannot be purchased separately). Now you can purchase our new, ultimate Tickle Tots All in One Night Booster to be used with the Tickle Tots All in One nappy. Made up of 3 layers of super absorbent bamboo terry, the Night Booster simply folds in half and slides into the pocket of the nappy to provide 6 layers of extra absorbency when you need it most. Each box contains two night boosters.

How To Use The All In One Nappy Night Boosters


Key Points

Super Easy To Use
Easy To Remove & Wash
Soft On Your Baby’s Skin
Extra Absorbent Bamboo
Boosters For Both Nappy Types
Can Use With Other Boosters

All In Two Nappy Booster Set

Each booster set comes with one larger booster and one smaller booster. Use the smaller booster alone for newborns, then move on to the larger booster and finally use both together for overnight of for heavy wetters. Both boosters have a bamboo fleece core with a suede cloth top, keeping little ones skin dry. Each booster has handy snaps to secure it into the shell to avoid sliding. The larger booster also features a waterproof back to protect the shell (to get maximum use from the shell).

How To Use The All In Two Nappy Boosters


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